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Hi there, I’m Ginger. Welcome to my nook!

About me:

I spend way too much time on Brit TV and sometimes slip into Victorian phrasing. (Just thunk me when that happens.)

I am a vegetarian, formerly driven by allergies and now by choice.

I like to fly fish and am actually not bad, which makes me wonder why I’m so good at pretending to be a fly. (I am also a bit conflicted about it, being a vegetarian. I do it anyway but pinch the barbs.)

I’ve re-found crochet. I often feel like Ron Weasley’s Aunt Tessie, but it is very calming and helps me think, which sounds weird but it’s true.

I once was a yoga teacher and had to fire Santa Claus, but not at the same time.

I have a thing for Airstreams. Vintage or new, big or small, and especially single-axle Bambi’s. But the one we have is so much more practical.

I. Love. Dogs.

And, I love to get away…or also stay home! Sometimes I camp (“glamp”, really) in our beautiful home state, Colorado, in an Airstream with my husband Tom and our two dogs: Stella Bean, a 4-year old Golden Retriever, and Master Chief, an adopted Pomeranian. (He may be as old as 16, but we don’t think so.) Other times I get away with family: we are fortunate enough to have our parents still with us, as well as sisters and family in the Southeast and close-by.  And I often just hang right at home, with crafts or cooking, and better ways to nest – or just be.

Ginger’s Nook is about things I like to do to stay sane in an insane world, to fuel an inspired heart and a peaceful life. Let’s do it together!

Did I mention that I love dogs?