5 Minutes to Light Your Thanksgiving Table


Seriously. 5 minutes. You have other things to worry about besides your Thanksgiving tablescape. If you’re like me, the food and conversation are the centerpiece anyway!

The simplicity of these natural hurricane vases echoes the many reasons to Be Thankful with family and friends on such a special day. They add a quiet decoration that adds light without distracting from the main event.

With the right tools on hand, and you don’t need many – this lighting solution comes together so fast.  I wrapped the globes in burlap, tied them with raffia, and hot-glued pine cones in the center of each vase.  Filled with nuts, added a tea light, and that was it. Done!

Don’t have  hurricane vases that are flat-edged? Neither are mine, and you would never know. Don’t have hurricane vases at all? Use pint glasses! It’s just for a day. Look around your home, and I’ll be you’ll find vases, glasses or something that can be used for this purpose.

I used nuts to fill my vases, but feel free to be creative with what you have on-hand. Maybe more pine cones, or beads – or even nothing: just the tea light, or a gold votive, would work fine.

I hope you like this solution and that you find many reasons to be especially thankful in the week ahead.


Hurricane vases (or other suitable glasses)
About 10″ of craft burlap
Pine Cones (I used cedar roses)
Hot glue gun
FILLER: Nuts, tea lights


  1. Wash out your vases and start heating your glue gun.
  2. Measure and cut your burlap into a strip that wraps around your hurricane glass. Mine are about 2 1/2″ in width.
  3. Glue one edge of the burlap and wrap the glass. Press lightly (you won’t need much pressure) to fasten one edge to the other.
  4. Pull 6 (or so) strings of raffia that are at least 14″ long. Tie a square knot in the middle of the burlap, keeping the burlap seam at the back. Trim the raffia to about 3″ on each side of the knot.
  5. Hot glue pine cones in the center of each square knot.
  6. Fill with nuts or filler of choice. Add a tea light, and set the table!

Do you have variations? I’d love to see them. Send a pic or tell me about it. And enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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