Tip: Wagon Your Hitch


Ah, RV’ing. We have dreams of being out on the road, soaking in the change of seasons. But first, the basics: getting the trailer ready to go, and somehow connected to the tow vehicle.

One of the very first steps involves getting that big ass iron hitch in proximity to the truck.  Without brawny college men on-tap, the rest of us need a solution. Tom and I found that we can best hitch our wagon…with a wagon.

I am sure that there are a lot of fancier solutions out there. But we just use an old Radio Flyer wagon. I actually bought it second-hand to move plants around the yard.  It accomplishes that purpose, and leaves me feeling a bit insta-worthy too, with the lil’ red side rails.  But the wagon has since moved well beyond that charter to one worthy of Thor.

We have taken the wooden side rails off and load it with what we’ll need: The hitch, sleeve, cotter pins, bar clips and the sway bars, along with ball grease and the most important thing: work gloves. The thing about the wagon is, it’s the perfect height for the truck. The hitch only has to be lifted from the wagon a few inches.

The lil’ red wagon helps make transporting the hitch a breeze, and it’s so easy to maneuver. Now we have more energy for the rest of the set-up process and can get on the road more quickly.  Radio Flyer also makes an ‘All Terrain’ version with off-road wheels, but ours does the job just fine.

I hope this tip helps save your back, contributes to less crankiness and saves a trip to the ER!

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