Plaid Fingerless Mittens



I thought I would share my variation on fingerless mittens using Bethany’s plaid tapestry weaving technique from Whistle and Ivy. Bear with me – it’s the first time I’ve written up a pattern, so I hope it works well for you, too. Being based on double crochet stitches these work up quickly, so you’ll have new fingerless mittens in just a few hours.

I’ve been all over Ravelry looking for fingerless gloves, and often they are just not long enough, or leave a big gap for the thumb. I’ve never understood that – my thumbs get cold, too! Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a heated steering wheel. I do not, so these will come in handy.


9 inches long by 4 3/4″ wide


2″ x 2.5″  = 4 rows of DC stitches and 2 sets of 3 stitches


  • 3 skeins yarn
    I used dark gray heather, cranberry and scarlet Vanna’s Choice(R) yarn from Lion Brand
  • Crochet hook
    I used an I/ Size  (5.5) instead of the recommended size J/ 6 on the yarn wrapper
  • Darning Needle

My pattern is on the back of a daily calendar page. I’ll try to do better below.  Please note that I may receive a small commission if you click-through on the link. However, I would not recommend a product that I do not like or use.


CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
BLO – Back Loop Only
SlSt – Slip Stitch
DC – Double Crochet
DC2TOG – Double Crochet 2 stitches together (Explanation here)
FPDC – Front Post Double Crochet (Explanation here)


Chain (CH) 16 with dark gray yarn. Single crochet (SC) back loop only (BLO) for 29 rows.
Slip stitch (SlSt) band together, 15 stitches, chain 1, invert band.
The tail should be at the top, so the bottom of your band stays neat.

GLOVE (Left)

Round 1

  1. SC 30 around the top of the band. SlSt to first chain. Pull through cranberry (purplish) yarn.
  2. CH 2 with cranberry yarn, carrying the gray yarn through. DC with the cranberry yarn for the next 2 stitches. In the last stitch, pull through the gray yarn.
  3. DC gray yarn for 3 stitches carrying the cranberry yarn.
  4. Continue to alternate gray and cranberry yarns around the mitten with sections of 3 DC stitches. If this is confusing, please see Bethany’s explanation using her hat pattern here.
  5. In the last stitch of the round, pull through the red yarn. Drop the gray yarn.

Round 2

  1. CH 2 with red yarn. DC in the next 2 stitches carrying the cranberry yarn. In the last stitch, pull through the cranberry yarn.
  2. DC 2 stitches in cranberry carrying the red yarn. In the third stitch, swap and pull through the red yarn, carrying the cranberry.
  3. Continue to alternate red and cranberry yarns around the mitten with sections of 3 DC stitches.
  4. Join with first chain 2, drop red yarn.

Round 3

  1. Keep the cranberry yarn, CH 2, and pick up the gray yarn.
  2. Repeat alternating pattern for the round (you should still have 30 stitches).

Round 4 (OK here comes the thumb hole)

  1. You are at a point of grabbing the red yarn to alternate red and cranberry. Join the red yarn and do one set of three DC stitches.
  2. SlSt the next 3 stitches with the cranberry yarn carrying the red.
  3. Sl St the next 3 stitches with the red yarn carrying the cranberry.
  4. Resume alternating the round in sections of 3 DC stitches, join with the cranberry yarn.

Round 5 (Still doing the thumb hole)

  1. CH 2 with cranberry yarn. Drop the red, pick up the gray.
  2. Do one section with the gray yarn carrying the cranberry.
  3. CH 4  with BOTH yarns skipping two sections, making the thumb hole. (4 chains, not 6).
  4. Resume DC 3 stitch cranberry/ gray alternation for the round. Pull through the red.

Round 6 (Decreasing a bit)

  1. Chain 2 with the red yarn. DC 2 carrying the cranberry yarn.
  2. At the thumb hole, DC 2 with cranberry carrying the red, and DC 2 with the red carrying the cranberry, in the 4 chains.
  3. Resume DC 3 stitch cranberry/ red alternation for the round.

Round 7 (Still decreasing)

  1. CH 2 with the cranberry yarn. Pull through the gray yarn, drop the red.
  2. At the thumb hole, DC2TOG gray stitches, then cranberry stitches, pulling through the alternating yarns. You should have one top stitch each.
  3. Resume gray/ cranberry alternation for the round. Join red yarn.

Round 8 (by now, 25 stitches not 30)

  1. Pull through red yarn, chain 2. DC 2 with red, pulling through the cranberry yarn.
  2. At the thumb hole, alternate 1 stitch each cranberry and red.
  3. Continue alternation for the round.
  4. Drop both the red and cranberry yarns, pull through the gray. Cut off the red and cranberry yarns leaving a 4″-6″tail.

Round 9

  1. CH 1. SC the round in gray yarn. Join, continue with gray.

Round 10

  1. CH 2 in gray yarn. FPDC in each SC stitch. If you don’t know how to do this stitch, here’s a great tutorial. (One day I’ll actually have my own videos. But today is not that day.) This stitch mimics the ribbing of the band.
  2. Join, chain 1.

Round 11 

  1. CH 1, SlSt in gray yarn. Tie off  leaving a 4″-6″ tail.


  1. Join gray yarn in any stitch along the bottom of the thumb hole. I don’t recommend joining at the top, since you will tie off and a knot right there in the crook of your thumb would be uncomfortable.
  2. SC in gray for the thumb all the way around.
  3. Depending on where you started, FPDC around 6 stitches at the bottom of the thumb. SC remaining stitches at the top of the thumb. Join, CH 1.
  4. At the bottom of the thumb, SC2TOG the 6 stitches into 3. SlSt the SC at the top of the thumb.
  5. (Optional) SlSt the round.

GLOVE (Right)

Repeat above, only at Round 4 reverse the count:

  1. Alternate red and cranberry yarns for the round, stopping 2 sets short of the joining set. SlSt for 6 stitches alternating yarns, complete the last set and join.
  2. Continue as above to complete the glove.

Tie off, weave in ends.

How did I do? Ok, I hope. You can adjust the length by adding or decreasing band rows and rows above the thumb hole to fit your needs.  I hope you like these gloves. I am looking forward to trying a set in pastels, which might be a welcome break in January. Stay warm this winter, and enjoy!

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  1. I’ve recently tried making fingerless gloves myself! Pretty much the first time I wrote a pattern or even thought about trying to make one myself! I don’t think they turned out too bad but, there’s always room for improvement of course!

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