3 Ways To Plaid Crochet


I’ve been mad about plaid crochet lately, partly because the holidays are soon upon us.  (Seriously? It’s  September, and 90 degrees!) Plaid: It’s Christmas-y and outdoors-y, not to mention a bit practical and fun.

My project basket is above with a few goodies in progress. Uh huh. Told you I’ve gone a little crazy with the hook lately. These sites helped me get started. Maybe they will help you, too:

  1. Daisy Farm Crafts
    When I first set out on the mad plaid journey, I found the Daisy Farm Crafts site with all kinds of tutorials and great stitch patterns to try in a plaid or gingham pattern. It’s a charming site. Tiffany and Hannah do a wonderful job of engaging beginners in a journey where they see results fast. It was a magical moment when those first gingham blocks began to emerge in a baby blanket that I made for a friend. I shared my progress with my husband Tom, who was politely impressed (but didn’t find it magical). Master Chief, our adopted Pom, models it below. I’ve since made three more, destined for a local Church. 
    Tiffany and Hannah make their blog a family affair.  Mostly I come away feeling like I’ve just snuggled up in all that gingham with a cookie or two from their Grandma’s recipe files. It’s a lovely site and a great place to learn a few tips and techniques.
  2.  Whistle & Ivy
    Bethany is One Seriously Plaid Mama. I have had a lot of fun with her patterns, tweaking them here and there. I also learned how to make awesome fun-fur pompoms from her, too. Her site is also very engaging, where you can learn tips, techniques, go well beyond plaid and just feel like a cool hipster. Here’s a couple of beanies that I made for my super-smart nephew and his girlfriend for cooler days in Kentucky. I thought that I would package them with a couple of insulated mugs and mulled wine spices as a Christmas gift (shh, don’t tell).

    I also used Bethany’s color weaving method with my own pattern for fingerless mittens that are a bit longer in the fingers and wrists, and keep the thumbs warm, too (in the basket above).  I am happy with the way that they are turning out, and can’t wait to use them as driving gloves this winter.
  3. Evelyn and Peter Crochet
    Lastly I want to share this adorable Oso Plaid Beanie pattern on Evelyn’s site for weaving a plaid Bear design into a beanie. It is a paid pattern available on Etsy.  I am making the bear beanie for Tom, which you can see in the basket above. Cute, huh? The Wainscoat stitch got a bit tricky, but Evelyn has terrific instructions. That bear showed up and I was thrilled. I just wanted to keep going until I had it done. I am inspired to pick up a pad of graph paper to come up with my own weaving designs….though worry that I may be turning into Mrs. Weasley. (“R” for Ron, and “H” for Harry, anyone?)

I made all of these projects (except the baby blankets) using Vanna’s Choice(R) yarns from Lion Brand, which are easy to use, soft and slightly squishy. I used Bernat(R) Softee(R) baby yarn for the blankets, loving the fact that skeins of twisted pink/white, blue/white and gray/white fibers were already available.

I think we’ll be set for winter adventures in Colorado and beyond…and hope that these patterns get you in the mood for cooler weather too.

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